Companion Animal Services

We provide a continually expanding complement of companion animal veterinary services. Our current services include: digital x-ray, ultrasound, dentistry, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, in-house diagnostics, hospitalization, boarding, preventative care, and weight and dietary consultations. Recently, all of our doctors have become PennHip certified. We have expanded our pocket pet medicine lately as well.

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Equine Services

We are proud to offer a complete package of equine veterinary services, both in clinic and as a mobile service. The array of services we offer include: digital x-ray, ultrasound, motorized equine dentistry, hospitalization, reproductive services, 24 hour emergency care, preventative care, minor surgical procedures and many advanced services. We work with a broad network of equine practitioners to ensure that your horses always receive up-to-date, ethical veterinary care.

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Livestock Services

We offer veterinary care for multiple species of livestock, including beef and dairy cattle, goats, sheep, camelids, swine, chickens, turkeys and ducks. Our doctors provide both herd management solutions and individual animal medical services with the following services: digital x-ray, ultrasound, reproductive services, 24 hour emergency care, herd management, laboratory diagnostics, regulatory work, preventative care and dentistry. We are dedicated to serving the sound agricultural practices of the communities in which we work.

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We offer boarding for small animals. Saturdays we are open from 9 am to 3:30 pm. On Sundays drop off and pick up times are 9 am and 4:30 pm.

Recommendations- You are welcome to bring bedding and food from home as this lessens their stress here, but we have them also. If they have medications, please leave them in their original labeled containers so we know exactly what we are dispensing. We require the animals are current on their vaccinations, if we did not perform this service, we will have to get their records. 


We like your pets to be here at 8:30 am the day of surgery. Expect to pick them up between 3 and 5 pm the same day. Nothing to eat after 10:30 the night before. We recommend pre-surgical blood work to look for any underlying diseases before anesthesia. We recommend intravenous fluids during the procedures to keep blood pressure up and support the organs. Some additional services we provide to surgical patients are toe nail trims, expressing anal glands and checking ears. 


Our doctors are members of many organizations including; Montana Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, Society of Theriogenology, American Association of Equine Practitioners and American Association of Bovine Practitioners. All of our doctors are PennHIP certified also, check out the link below for more details.